Turbo Module

A Turbo Module To Optimise Your Turbo’s Performance

In theory, the turbocharger is a magical device that offers only advantages.  Indeed, it uses energy that would usually go to waste anyway – an engine’s exhaust gases – to power a turbine that is connected directly to a compressor that compresses inlet air and forces into the engine.  The denser intake charge increases power and performance, delivering the power and torque outputs of a bigger engine from the same nominal engine capacity.  It stands to reason that, with the measure of electronic control possible today, an electronic turbo module is used to control the system.

However, it was not always this clear-cut.  During the ’80s, turbochargers were not as reliable as they are today and they were usually only oil-cooled, needing special treatment and very regular oil changes to last.  They were also larger and heavier and their resultant languid response in spooling up at low engine speeds manifested in pronounced “turbo lag”.  Today, the turbo’s time has come and modern turbos are small and efficient, exhibiting minimal lag.  They are usually both oil- and water-cooled and have become very reliable.  They are also an easy source of extra power if the appropriate electronic parts are used.  Unichip’s Turbo Module, in conjunction with our famous Unichip, can achieve handsome power gains.

The Unichip and the Turbo Module are installed in a non-invasive way under your car’s bonnet.  The Unichip modifies signals coming from your engine ECU to achieve better performance and the Turbo Module is used to achieve closed-loop boost control or control other devices like additional injectors for high-load mixture enrichment.  The Turbo Module incorporates a voltage clamping circuit and two versions of the module are offered; one for boost pressures up to 1.5 Bar and the other for boost pressures up to 2.5 Bar.

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