Spend Your Money Where It Matters

Cars are expensive and often emotional purchases. Many people see their cars as extensions of their personalities, so they often want their cars to be just as unique as they are. To this end, people spend thousands on after-market accessories to make their rides stand out from the herd. Spoilers, special wheels, accessories, sound systems, and engine modifications are just a few of the many options offered to vehicle owners. It all depends on how deep your pockets are. But, if you are practically minded and do not care for trinkets and trivialities, you can very affordably optimise your engine to deliver its best power and economy – usually better than standard – without having to fit a wing and large wheels, both of which are just likely to stifle your car.

The Unichip piggyback computer is a performance part that is fitted out of sight to optimise the standardised settings of your engine’s ECU. Yes, these settings do not allow your engine to reach its full potential and can almost always be improved upon. It is money well spent, because it can actually improve your car’s performance, unlike the doubtful value some other performance parts add. Unless aerodynamically developed, that rear wing can, in fact, increase drag and with it, ruin performance and economy. How likely is it that a Unichip can bring about improvements in both power and economy? Well, consider that we offer a guarantee that you can be refunded and have your Unichip removed within three months if you are not happy. Then consider that only 0,25% of people take us up on that offer. That is a market-leading satisfaction rate.

Once you have your Unichip fitted, you have several options. The default option requires no manual intervention at all and uses two maps. One is an economy map for optimal fuel consumption at part throttle and the other is a power map that provides maximum power at full throttle. The Unichip alternates between these maps as necessary while you are driving to give you the best of both worlds. You can opt for more maps (up to five) that can be manually selected, and these could, for instance, include a valet map to limit power and engine speed when you leave your car at a dealership and an immobiliser map.

All these maps live in the Unichip and not your vehicle’s ECU, so they cannot be erased by routine ECU software updates. You get unique maps for your engine that are different from anybody else’s and are optimised exclusively for your car.


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