Should You Modify or Optimise?

When it comes to getting the most performance from cars’ engines, most people think that engines have to be modified to achieve this goal. Modifications usually require the mechanical parts to be disassembled and changed or replaced to improve power output before everything is put back together. These hardware changes may include work such as porting and gas-flowing the cylinder head and manifolds, replacing devices like fuel injectors or carburettors, fitting larger turbochargers, installing different exhaust systems or camshafts, increasing the engine size, and increasing the compression ratio. But modification has several downsides.

dsatek unichipThe first is that, if your vehicle is still under factory warranty, this becomes null and void, because the vehicle is no longer standard. The second disadvantage is that you have unbalanced the apple cart; when one thing is improved, another suffers. Engine modifications may improve power and performance, but this usually comes at the expense of fuel economy and the life expectancy of the engine. This would also explain why the manufacturer would no longer be willing to foot the bill if something goes wrong with your modified wheels. Unscrupulous workshops “tune” engines to within an inch of their lives and when there is an inevitably failure, it is on your dime.

However, this does not mean that there is nothing you can do to improve the power and efficiency of your car’s engine, as this is where Unichip comes into the picture. We don’t believe in modifying people’s cars to the detriment of reliability and fuel consumption. The Unichip piggyback computer is added to your engine’s existing electronic control unit (ECU) and optimises its signals to make your engine work better without changing the design or any of the engine’s hardware. Contrary to popular belief, the standard settings programmed into the ECU do not do an optimal job, because they have to cater for many small manufacturing variations of individual engines, as well as different fuels, altitudes, and a host of other variables. The inevitable compromise almost always leaves room for improvement.

The Unichip is programmed by specialist technicians to take all the characteristics and peculiarities of your car’s engine into account. These settings are divided into several maps; for example, your engine will have a specific “economy” map for part-throttle driving and “power” map for full-throttle driving. This ensures that you have the best possible economy when pottering around town and the maximum power available when you put your foot down to overtake. Best of all, there is no compromise and no negative effect on your engine’s durability.

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