It’s a Matter of Give and Take

Unfortunately, there are no free lunches. The rule is “something for something” and therein lies the secret that keeps everything in balance. It is no different with cars. All other things being the same, you cannot improve one aspect of your car’s performance without sacrificing another. Stiffen your suspension to improve handling and road-holding, and you pay the price in ride comfort. Modify your engine to improve performance, and fuel economy and/or longevity are likely to suffer. That is why we don’t modify engines; we optimise them.

Getting back to that elusive balance, keep in mind that manufacturers have huge budgets to develop their engines to achieve the blend of power and economy that the design brief dictates. It is very unlikely that some backyard tuner will significantly improve any part of the performance profile and, if they do, it will be to the detriment of something else. Especially normally aspirated engines are close to optimally tuned and one usually has to make invasive hardware changes to the induction or exhaust systems to effect a big change.

However, that does not mean that they are perfect; in fact, they rarely are. The intention is to provide a perfectly balanced engine that provides the power and economy that the manufacturer intended, but the realities of mass production means that no two engines can be manufactured to identical tolerances – it would simply cost too much. Therefore, all engines differ slightly, and the programming written by the engineers developing the ECU’s control maps must therefore allow for these small differences. The result is a one-size-fits-all set of ECU maps that works satisfactorily well on all engines but perfectly on very few of them.

The Unichip is intended to redress the imbalance and restore your engine to optimal performance and economy, the way its makers designed it to be. The ECU maps are subtly optimised to work in harmony with your specific engine and in virtually all cases, you are likely to see an improvement in either power output or economy, or both. While it would be easy to adapt the ECU settings to add a lot of extra boost pressure to turbocharged engines, this would reduce engine life, so we strive to give you the best balance between the two sides, while maintaining normal engine temperatures and making sure reliability is not sacrificed. You stand to get the best economy possible and maximum reliable power.

If you are not entirely happy within three months, we will remove your Unichip and refund you. You will be pleased to learn that very few people take us up on this offer.


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