Bluetooth Module

Control Your ECU Map With A Bluetooth Module

What a long way we have come in terms of vehicle engine tuning.  Once upon a time tuners tinkered haphazardly with cylinder heads, “branches”, exhaust pipes and camshafts to achieve power and performance gains, often introducing a trade-off of some sort.  Who would have thought that you could often extract a good deal of additional power from an engine by merely tweaking the ECU?  What is more, you can even select the ECU map you prefer from your mobile phone via a Bluetooth module.

No, this is no flight of fancy.  Unichip has been in the aftermarket piggyback computer business for many years and the latest Unichip can also be used in conjunction with our special Bluetooth Module, enabling you to select which driving map you prefer from your mobile handset at any given moment.  This function is available on several mobile phones, including most Sony Ericsson and Nokia models; for a full list of compatible mobile handsets, browse to

Several maps can be programmed into your chip.  This enables you to run on a super-economical map when cruising at steady speed, while utilising a performance map at full throttle, prioritising power over economy.  A special track day map may run a power program that increases turbo boost and the rev limit, while a dealer map can be activated for when you leave your car at a dealer for a service; this may be set to limit both turbo boost pressure and engine revolutions.

All this and more is possible with Unichip technology.  And you have access to your maps through our special Bluetooth Module, putting all the control in your hands, instantly.  Contact us today to learn more.


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