Beware Those Claims

At Unichip, we believe that there is a big difference between “tuning” and “optimising”. And to remove all doubt, we do optimising, not tuning, at Unichip. We see it as helping your car reach its full potential and achieving the best power and economy for your particular engine – the best that your engine design allows. By optimising your engine and eliminating the factors that hold it back from operating efficiently, we usually give you both better power and economy, but without any detrimental effect on your engine’s reliability.

Few people seem to realise that standardised ECU programming often leaves much to be desired! The Unichip adapts the signals from your ECU and optimises them, because standardised ECU tuning is often surprisingly haphazard and approximate, and can almost always be improved upon. The Unichip does not stress your engine beyond its safe design limits and keeps a beady eye on engine temperature to ensure that especially turbocharged engines always operate within safe limits. It turns your ECU into a supercomputer and realises your engine’s full potential. That is why we don’t make lofty and unrealistic claims, because we don’t know how far from perfect your engine is and therefore how much room for improvement there is. But, there is always some room for improvement!

One of the warning signs that you might stand to compromise your engine’s reliability is when you are promised huge increases in power and economy. Remember, disproportionate improvements are not possible within the design limits of your engine without compromising something. For example, an unsafe increase in power will certainly reduce reliability and might ruin your fuel consumption. Overly lean air-fuel mixtures may reduce fuel consumption but increase engine temperatures. Power is nothing without control and responsibility, which is why we carefully optimise your engine to give its best, and we do not set unrealistic goals that would require irresponsible tuning to achieve. Maximum safe and reliable power is our motto.

If you are in any doubt, be sure that you have nothing to lose. Have a Unichip installed and let the results speak for themselves. If you are not happy with it within three months, we will remove it and refund you, including the installation and mapping fees. At the moment, 99,75% of people elect to keep their Unichip! That should tell you everything you want to know about Unichip. So, opt for expert optimisation today and beware unscrupulous tuners that make unrealistic claims. Get power, economy, and reliability in equal measure today, without the risk.


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