The Pursuit of Efficiency

Vehicle manufacturers have gone to great lengths to improve their cars’ efficiency. Engines have become smaller, yet more powerful, and a lot more fuel-efficient. Many other technologies have helped to achieve this, especially today’s new-fangled gearbox designs that offer up to ten gears – a far cry from the ancient 2-speed gearboxes that were still […]

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The Quest for More Power

You are frustrated because, when you put your foot down flat on the accelerator pedal, your car does not respond with the vigour that you desire. You have had it serviced and it is in perfect running order, but there is too little power, and you are sure it can do better. How can you […]

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Fuelling the Fire

An engine is a simple thing, right? Add fuel, set it on fire, magic happens, a crankshaft is rotated that turns your wheels – and off you go! It sounds simple enough if you oversimplify it like that, but even just getting the fuel into the engine is a science in itself, and the way […]

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Finding the Truth Behind the Claims

When it comes to the way your car is supposed to perform and how much fuel it should use, whom do you believe? The manufacturer’s claims, right? Surely, most of us will realise that what the manufacturer states the car should be capable of is patently more accurate than the outrageous claims made by some […]

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Save Fuel in 2018

What can you do to save fuel? Quite a lot, actually. Yes, a petrol-driven V8 SUV will never be thrifty, nor will a turbocharged supercar, but reducing your vehicle’s fuel consumption by 10% or more is easier than you think. Let’s see what you can do to reduce your fuel consumption: Diesel or petrol. Diesel […]

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