How to Drive a Turbocharged Car

In the ‘80s, there were so few turbocharged cars around that it would have been safe to say that most people never drove one. They were mainly found on rare performance specials and diesel trucks. Today, turbochargers are ubiquitous, and a large percentage of new cars have them. But what is a turbocharger, and how […]

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Your Car is Not Going on Holiday

Are you and your family gearing up for the holidays? Are you going to the coast or camping in the bush? Either way, you will probably be driving there by car, and possibly with a trailer laden to the gunwales or a heavy caravan in tow, covering long distances on far-flung roads. It might be […]

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Making Sense of all These Newfangled Electronics

Ever since electronics started to appear in cars, traditionalists have objected, dismissing the technology as a temporary fad and bemoaning its complexity. It happened when “points” made way for electronic ignition, when carburettors cleared the path for fuel injection, and when distributors were made defunct by coil-on-plug direct-ignition systems. Interestingly, these electronics proved reliable virtually […]

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Fake News and Your Car

“Fake news” has become a buzz term and for a very good reason. If you think about it, it has become very difficult to differentiate between what is the truth and what is not. It is simple and free to put information on the Internet, and there is no way to know what information people […]

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Engine Optimisation in the 21st Century

Were cars really all that simple twenty to thirty years ago? One might say that, seeing that mechanical components controlled car functions and these could be fixed by a competent home mechanic. However, for those thinking that those were the “good old days”, some things were not so good. More mechanical devices mean more things […]

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