Everything is Connected

Everything is connected, even if we don’t get too philosophical about the universe and everything in it. Your car’s engine, for instance, is a complex, interconnected system and it took many of engineers a great long time to figure out how to use something of which we (still) have plenty – crude oil – and […]

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Power and Heat

Setting fire to petrol or diesel to propel a car might be all most of us know, but it is not terribly efficient. Like an incandescent lightbulb, it works and it’s cheap, but there is a lot of waste. The reason why fuel-powered vehicles have hung around for so long – and will be with […]

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Not All Engines Are Created Equal

Sadly, it doesn’t always do what it says on the box. The user manual and official literature might state that your car’s engine develops 100 kW, but that nice figure is just rounded off from the average obtained from many engines; in fact, very few engines of this type will develop exactly 100 kW. The […]

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Is That the Best They Could Do?

Car enthusiasts can often be heard bemoaning the fact that their cars do not have more power or better performance. “Is that the best they could do?”, you would hear them ask, miffed because large, international brand X could not manage to develop an engine that beats all comers in the class and rule supreme […]

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Getting a Long Life Out of Your Engine

Modern car engines are generally very reliable, but also a lot more complicated. They can last a long time, but they require proper care. However, there is a lot you can do to extend the life of your engine. It mostly comes down to maintenance and driving style, especially in the case of the additional […]

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