When it comes to car tuning, Unichip knows that “Everything works as a Unity”

Unichip car tuning knows that “Everything Works as a Unity” Car tuning does not happen in exclusion, it affects a system. Within any system, there is not a single redundant part or component. Every part and every component serves a specific purpose. At Unichip, we understand this concept perfectly well. This is especially true when […]

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Power, Heat and Efficiency loss

Power, Heat and Efficiency loss The combustion engine is synonymous with power, heat and efficiency loss. The combustion engine work on the principle of igniting fuel in order to propel your vehicle. It is highly likely that this is all we think about when we think of the engine of a vehicle – its core […]

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Can vehicle chip tuning achieve balance?

Can vehicle chip tuning ever achieve complete balance? Vehicle chip tuning nowadays is not as it was in the olden days. In the olden days, it was different. Vehicle tuning and modifying meant we had to ready ourselves to sacrifice some aspect in the process. The following examples may bring this point over in a […]

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Not All Engines Are Created Equally

They don’t manufacture them similarly It is sad but true when it comes to engines, they don’t manufacture them similarly. The user manual and official literature might state that your car’s engine produces, let’s say, 100 kW.  Well, they just round that figure off from the average that they obtain from other similar engines. Very […]

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Money Matters – Spend it Well

Money matters, spend it well Cars are expensive and often emotional purchases. Many people see their cars as extensions of their personalities. As such, they often want their cars to be just as unique as they are. To this end, people spend thousands on after-market accessories. They do this to make their rides different from […]

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