It’s All About the Air

When you get right down to the basics, a lot of the development money going into bringing modern new engines to the market is spent to get more air into the engines. The more air that can be “inhaled” by the intake valves before they close, the more fuel can be added and the more […]

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Should You Modify or Optimise?

When it comes to getting the most performance from cars’ engines, most people think that engines have to be modified to achieve this goal. Modifications usually require the mechanical parts to be disassembled and changed or replaced to improve power output before everything is put back together. These hardware changes may include work such as […]

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Engine Wear

Reducing Engine Wear You don’t just pop open a modern car’s bonnet and restore it to working order when something goes awry. Yes, some faults are obvious and a normal person with a modicum of mechanical aptitude would be able to spot certain loose connections or broken parts, but engines are now electronically controlled and […]

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It’s a Matter of Balance

Balance. We are all looking for a sense of balance. This is especially true of the cars we drive every day. It may not seem like it but, when a car is designed, all manner of conflicting requirements have to be balanced to create a vehicle that will do most things well and nothing badly. […]

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The Pursuit of Efficiency

Vehicle manufacturers have gone to great lengths to improve their cars’ efficiency. Engines have become smaller, yet more powerful, and a lot more fuel-efficient. Many other technologies have helped to achieve this, especially today’s new-fangled gearbox designs that offer up to ten gears – a far cry from the ancient 2-speed gearboxes that were still […]

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