Everything About Oil

It appears that there are some people who think that oil simply has to be topped up like fuel, and never has to be replaced. This is a sure-fire way to wear your engine out in short order, because oil does not maintain its state and composition while in use. It is continuously broken down, […]

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Understanding Your Tyres

Car tyres are so technologically advanced that they rarely call attention to themselves, so we hardly spare them a thought. However, there are certain things you have to know about these vitally important safety components. Remember that the little contact patches are the only areas through which your car, with your entire family in it, […]

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Is a Turbo Diesel a Time Bomb?

Until the 2000s, diesel engines were still rather sooty and rattly, so they had an agricultural reputation in the mind of the consumer. In some markets, like South Africa and the United States, diesel passenger cars were few and far between. In 1999, the Golf 4 1,9 TDI effectively brought modern European turbo diesel technology […]

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Starting Up in the Morning – Prolong Your Engine Life

Old habits die hard. The previous generation taught us to warm up your car’s engine by idling it in the morning before you set off. This practice was reinforced by manufacturers like Alfa Romeo, who would prescribe it. But why? And, is it still valid for modern engines? In the distant past, when engines were […]

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Fuel-Saving Devices

Fuel-Saving Devices – Don’t Fall for the Deception No doubt, you’ve seen advertisements for fuel-saving devices and additives, and you might have wondered if they work or not. Let us assure you from the outset that, in our experience, they never do. Therefore, if you see an advertisement or an article about a wonder device […]

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