Engine Performance

How Much Worse does My Engine Perform at High Altitudes? An internal combustion engine’s power output is dependant upon the amount of air that it can suck into its combustion chambers before the inlet valves close. If more air can be admitted, more fuel can be added and more power will be produced. Naturally aspirated […]

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Free-Flow Exhaust Systems

Do Free-Flow Exhaust Systems Really Work? In years gone by, engine tuners used to throw three words at you for extracting more performance from your engine: head, cam, and exhaust. Because an engine can basically be seen as an air pump, the idea was to get more air into the combustion chamber before the inlet […]

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What Influence Does Engine Modifications have on Reliability?

Can I Get More Power from My Engine Without Affecting Economy or Reliability? Engine optimisation aims to fine-tune your car’s engine in such a way that it performs to its full potential in terms of power delivery and economy, but without changing or modifying the basic design in any way. It therefore has no adverse […]

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Is More Power Possible Without Any Trade-Offs?

One would like to presume that vehicle manufacturers do their level best to achieve the goal of endowing your car’s engine with the maximum power it can produce, with optimal economy. So, it would hardly be reasonable to expect a dramatic improvement in your engine’s power and performance without a trade-off along the way; these […]

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Why Your Engine is not Living up to its Potential

If you have a suspicion that your car’s engine is not as powerful and economical as it could be in standard tune, you would be right. There are basically two reasons for this. #1 There are simply too many thousands of engines coming off production lines to maintain absolute control over manufacturing variances and tolerances, […]

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