How Often Should I Change My Oil?

This might sound like a senseless question to which the answer should obviously be “as often as the vehicle manufacturer stipulates”. However, is it always this simple? Remember, vehicle manufacturers want to sell you a car, and they want the ownership prospects to be as hassle-free as possible. Therefore, they stipulate oil change intervals that […]

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Do Oil Additives Work?

No doubt, you will have seen advertisements for all kinds of additives that are supposed to be added to your car’s engine oil in order to bring about any number of claimed benefits, such as improved power output and better fuel economy. Should you add additives to your car’s engine oil? We shall begin by […]

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Fitting Other Wheels and Tyres to Your Car

Fitting Other Wheels and Tyres to Your Car: the Pros and Cons Some people feel that their cars are an extension of their personalities. As such, they want their cars to be as unique as they are. To this end, the standard old wheel and tyres with which it left the factory are unlikely to […]

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How Much Power Do You Need?

How much power do you really need? If you talk to the average South African, too much is just enough! Locals are notorious for having a penchant for speed and you just have to look around you to see how many many sports cars, SUVs, and super-saloons with 300 kW or more are plying our […]

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Improve My Car’s Performance

Will a Lightened Flywheel Improve My Car’s Performance? You might have read that tuners and racing car drivers have their engine’s flywheels lightened to improve performance. Is this an effective ploy and would it be worthwhile to try on your own car? To understand how this would work, a basic explanation of the physics involved […]

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