Spend Your Money Where It Matters

Cars are expensive and often emotional purchases. Many people see their cars as extensions of their personalities, so they often want their cars to be just as unique as they are. To this end, people spend thousands on after-market accessories to make their rides stand out from the herd. Spoilers, special wheels, accessories, sound systems, […]

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Beware Those Claims

At Unichip, we believe that there is a big difference between “tuning” and “optimising”. And to remove all doubt, we do optimising, not tuning, at Unichip. We see it as helping your car reach its full potential and achieving the best power and economy for your particular engine – the best that your engine design […]

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The Ultimate Piggyback Engine Computer

Your car’s engine already has a computer controlling it, so why would you need a piggyback computer added to the engine’s existing one? A piggyback computer can fine-tune your ECU’s settings to extract better performance and economy from your engine, while giving you a lot of extra control of variables over which you would normally […]

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The Power of Choice

If there is one thing the computer age has given us, it is choice. In the 1980s, very few electronics were used in cars and with mechanical parts such as carburettors and distributors, it was almost impossible to optimise your engine or change the way these devices work without actually changing the hardware. Today, computers […]

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It’s All About the Air

When you get right down to the basics, a lot of the development money going into bringing modern new engines to the market is spent to get more air into the engines. The more air that can be “inhaled” by the intake valves before they close, the more fuel can be added and the more […]

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